The overriding goal of the company's management and staff is to manufacture and deliver products of the highest quality in a timely manner, taking into account the context of the company and to meet the requirements and expectations of customers.
  QMT MACHINING s.c. offers its services and products in various industries. In order to ensure competitiveness, flexibility and customer satisfaction, we use:
• reducing the number of complaints

• continuous improvement of production processes

• improving the qualifications of the crew through training and lectures

• fulfillment of obligations resulting from applicable legal acts

• improvement of the quality management system based on the adopted ISO 9001: 2015 standard

• Commitments to meet applicable requirements
           The Company's employees always and under all conditions act in a manner responsible for the quality of production, the environment and the state of occupational health and safety. The crew knows the objectives of the Quality Policy and implements them on a daily basis.
The Quality Policy has been presented, is applied and maintained at all levels of the organization and is publicly available.

Optical device, measuring and setting measuring tools and verification of parts

Manual CMM machine that allows you to measure the details, verify them and print control and measurement.

PC-DMIS software

Roughness gauge for verifying the class of surfaces obtained in the process of: milling, turning, wire cutting, grinding and polishing

A portable hardness tester for verification of processed materials in terms of their hardness and mechanical parameters. Also used to verify the processes of heat treatment and hardening.

Numerous inspection equipment such as: 3-point bore gauges, microchip micrometers, depth gauges, special calipers, thread gauges etc.


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